Headless App Development: How SaaS can be Your Secret Weapon in a Competitive Arena

Jos Koomen
12 min readOct 27, 2023
Headless App Development: How SaaS can be Your Secret Weapon in a Competitive Arena — By Jos Koomen

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It’s 2016 when I’m about to visit one of the largest television media companies in the world to talk about a potential collaboration as a freelance developer. At that moment, I loved creating unique, tailor-made applications where every detail was perfect for the user, both front-end and back-end are all made for the user and every pixel and line of code is written with love. After a really good session I left with a wider view about software development. With a lean team, they produced high-performance applications for their own global television formats in just a few weeks.

With the right SaaS tools at their core, they could prioritize innovative features, only creating the middleware (the glue) to stream data efficiently. All their SaaS tools boasted excellent enterprise SLAs with uptime guarantees of 99.97–99.99%. That’s why they could do all the work with a really small team and still had the power to shift quickly if needed.

I often cited this approach as a powerful example to the teams I worked with thereafter, but I would frequently encounter reluctance due to the associated subscription costs or the fear of dependency to some tool, but for quite a while now I notice a change of thoughts. With a shortage of great talents for many companies and a lot of competition it’s important to stay ahead of your competitors.

With this vision in mind, I think it’s time to write a blog post to help companies find their right choice when it comes to their needs. That’s why I’ll walk you through various strategies for your application and shed light on how SaaS can be your go-to when the talent hunt takes ages, and competition is hunting you in your mirror in a very competitive landscape.

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