HW #1

What is good writing?

Good writing in today’s world consists of “quantity over quality” when it should be the other way around. As long as it draws attention and makes money, people could care less about the quality of the writing. This is bad writing.

There are a few characteristics that make or break good writing. They are: clarity, focus, organization, ideas and themes, voice, word choice, grammar and style, credibility, and it must be thought provoking. Writing isn’t just throwing a bunch of words together and hoping for the best, but instead made up of intricate thoughts and careful editing.

Writing is an art form. Every writer’s type of writing style is different and no story will be written exactly the same by another writer. Originality can be used in your writing if you wish it to be.

To be a good writer, you must be able to analyze other writings and be able to tell if they are well written or badly written. This will make you a better writer overall. If you can find and point out mistakes, then you will most certainly become a better writer.

Being able to recognize the difference between mediocre writing and excellent writing will make you a better writer overall. If you are able to tell the difference between bad quality and good quality, you will most certainly become a better writer yourself. This will help you write better and help you to recognize the quality of writing pieces.

A good writer should be able to recognize good quality or bad quality in a piece no matter what. It doesn’t matter if that certain piece isn’t “your cup of tea.” You will become a better writer if you can go against your own personal tastes and beliefs to see the quality in another piece.

A good writer practices their writing skills and recognizes what they have to work on to make their writing skills improve. They will recognize and fix their mistakes to improve the quality of their writing pieces. If you can recognize your mistakes and learn from them, you are one step closer to becoming an even better writer.

Writing is a challenge. It’s up to you if you want to take up that challenge. Quality and quantity go hand in hand and it’s up to you as the writer to make your writing pieces art.