News Story: Teen breaks into elderly woman’s residence

A Wildwood teenager was found last Tuesday night in an elderly woman’s home and is facing burglary and trespass charges.

Late Tuesday night, Jack Wylson, 17, entered Marian Whitney’s, 78, residence. He entered through the front door by picking the lock according to police. Yet, as he entered the residence, he tripped the burglar alarm.

Whitney heard the alarm go off and immediately made her way to her phone in her bedroom to call the police. She lives alone.

“I was terrified,” Whitney said. “I didn’t know what to do.”

The police arrived at the scene 15 minutes from when the alarm was tripped. They dusted for fingerprints and inspected the house for any type of evidence or stolen items. Whitney later stated that nothing was taken from her home.

The suspect was later identified as Jack Wylson due to the fingerprints found at the scene. He is now facing attempted burglary and trespass charges. His court date is set for next Thursday.

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