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1. Beth, you recently participated as a auction host for the 2016 HAL (Hero’s and Legends) in Beverly Hills, Ca. How was this experience for you as a professional musician supporting college students who want to succeed in the music industry ? Tell us about your journey being born and raised in Detroit (Motown City) and what does success mean to you ?

Being able to participate with the HAL (Hero’s and Legends) organization for the past couple years has been such an honor ! Its allowed me to grow and develop in front of some of the true founders of the music business ! The founder Janie Bradford is like family to me. I truly appreciate her and the rest of the Motown family that has been so welcoming to me. My dad, the late Johnny Griffith dedicated so much time and talent being a Funk Brother and I’m so proud to carry on this musical legacy working with his peers. I’m especially excited because I’ll be the auctioneer again this year for the 2017 HAL Awards as well as performing the night before at the annual “Legends of Soul” concert. Hosting the auction portion of the awards is challenging but extremely important because money is being raised for scholarships and that’s the reason why we are at the

HAL Awards ! I’m so very happy that with last year being my first time hosting the auction, every item was sold. I’m looking forward to singing and hosting again for 2017 and another auction sell out !

I feel that is so important to encourage the youth that are pursuing their dreams of being successful in the music business. This is not an easy road to travel but it can be very rewarding ! Knowing that your dreams are being supported and nurtured is a wonderful feeling and I’m happy to be able to share in that.

Being born into a musical family is so awesome ! I remember music always being played in my house and my dad always on the piano. I feel so blessed that I have the iconic “Motown” blood ! If I had one wish, it would be that my dad was here to watch me grow. I miss him so much. I love the city of Detroit and I love living here with the rich musical heritage. There are so many talented people here !!! I love that this is my hometown !

What does success mean to me ?

Success to me is doing what you love. Success is being happy and loving yourself. Its taken me a long time to truly love myself and trust myself. So, I’m successful and it has nothing to do with music or money.

2. Beth, your new single “Pillow Talk” was just released. Tell us the highlights and what inspired you to co-write and release this single. What is your favorite song on the upcoming EP ?

Yes ! I’m so excited about the release of my new single “Pillow Talk” The EP will be released in late spring. I really enjoyed recording this song. It’s produced by Cordell Walton who happens to be the musical director for the legendary artist Charlie Wilson. The song is co-written with Dodie Alexander. We were in the studio one night and Cordell started playing this melody on the piano and Dodie and I just started singing and writing. It was a very organic and natural thing. As he continued to play, we wrote and it just felt good.

It’s always been a dream of mine to record a solo project. It’s taken me a long time, due to traveling as a background singer with other artists (Anita Baker, Kem) and overall just getting the confidence to do it. I’ve started many projects in the past, never to complete them due to being insecure of my own abilities. I was my own worst enemy !

The one thing that inspired me and encouraged me the most and gave me the fire to start and finish this project was working with the late great Whitney Houston on the movie “Sparkle”. Her energy was inspiring and contagious and I wanted to be just like her. After she passed away a few months after we completed filming, I was determined more than ever to fly !

I teamed up with a couple great producers (Michael J. Powell, Erik Blu2th Griggs, and Cordell Walton) and we got to work. I allowed myself to be transparent with the subject of each of the songs. Each song is me; a true situation or a time in my life, the good and the bad. The songs are like my children. I love them all.

3. What advice would you give to the new young generation who aspire to become professional musicians ?

The advice I would give to the new generation of professional musicians is;

- love yourself and know your own boundaries

- never stop learning and growing

- remain open to learn

- once you master something, learn something else new

- learn the business of entertainment

The sky is the limit for our next generation…..and me !!!

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