“Be realistic, demand the impossible”

Now that Bernie has essentially handed over all the ‘political revolution’ over to Hillary Clinton, I feel like spitting out my thoughts on this whole process. A few disclaimers I want to make is that 1) I do not endorse nor like Bernie Sanders for reasons that require another article, but I do appreciate what he has come to represent for the majority of his supporters 2)This is not meant to shame any voter, rather I am attempting to critique the electoral system and the ruling order for what they are.

What I have to say about Bernie is summed up in one word: Disappointment. He literally bashed and criticized Clinton for the whole campaign for being for the ‘the wallstreet’ class. He also constantly reminded us the ‘the system is rigged.’ We also learned the the DNC itself had chosen Hillary for months and actively killed any chance Bernie had of becoming the nominee. Now, instead of takin action for 1)being screwed over by the DNC and 2) actually fighting for everything he spoke of, what he decided to do instead is chose to not only concede but also ENDORSE her and the democratic party for leading the ‘most progressive campaign in history’. So after all of this, let’s ask ourselves something. What, then, was/is the single biggest priority for Sanders? It must follow that his precedence all long was THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY not the moral justice platforms he professes.

What he did, actually, was garner all the anger, disillusionment, and indignation of the most disenfranchised towards the current socio-economic inequities, translate it into genuine support, and effectively catapult it over to Hillary Clinton, someone who quite literally has shown to facilitate coups when convenient to US (political+economic) interests, support neoliberal policies that literally kill people, and calls for war against Iran. She embodies a more right-wing imperialist spectacle than our current president, Obama, someone who has used drone warfare to kill thousands of innocent civilians in the middle east.

The only real argument the democrats have is that fascist Trump can win and so stopping him from becoming president is a prerogative. But when that is your major selling point, then you know democracy does not exist. It also begs the question why another party in opposition to Trump has no real chance. How convenient is this for the ruling class: have the two major options being a fascist and a neoliberal imperialist (both of which will not hurt their economic integrity). This makes sure one of the two candidates are chosen, nobody outside of the two-party structure. This is by far not democracy in any sense of the word.

So if the elections are such a scam, why is it necessary? Because the ruling class needs a reason to be seen legitimate and voting has been the way of proving it. They also pretend to have both progressive (liberal) and Conservative sides as the best, and only, sides of a political spectrum. This is very deliberate, Ignoring the fact that there is a rich history of truly leftist political traditions (socialism, communism, anarchism) here in the U.S. and even more so internationally. We are also made to forget all the repressive and violent ways the United States government has suppressed these movements by labeling them ‘terrorists’ or otherwise enemies of the state. Movements like the the Black Liberation Movement, which sought to end the oppression of Black people and all oppressed people were savagely repressed by the FBI through their COINTELPRO program. Liberation movements in Vietnam, Chile, Nicaragua and countless other third world nations were brutally hit with the U.S war machine via the US military and paramilitary proxies.

The United states also likes to pretend like no one is currently resisting U.S empire. The Black Lives Matter movement is resisting police brutality and other state-sanctioned violence. Indigenous people in Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras and other Latin American countries are struggling against neoliberal policies that are depriving them of their land and destroying their livelihoods. Palestinians are resisting the terrorism and occupation by the U.S.-supported Apartheid state of Israel. All over the world, people are challenging Amerikan imperialism, yet we hear how ‘America is the greatest country on earth’ rhetoric all the time. great how? and for whom?

This was all done and continues under both parties. To claim that either party is concerned with the betterment of oppressed people is a cruel joke to the people who have suffered the deadly consequences of U.S. presidents from both parties. A cruel joke to the thousands of people in the U.S. dying from lacking healthcare, to the millions that have died due to Amerikan and Western imperialism, to the millions who are taught to uphold racist, patriarchal, ableist and a plethora of other domineering conceptions of society in our own homes, to the millions who continue to deal with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses developed from living and resisting all these oppressive notions in our everyday lives.

We have learned, through centuries of struggles against colonization and imperialism that true freedom comes from grassroots organizing. That this involves struggling in ways that directly challenge the ideology and practice of the current establishment order — which reinforces white supremacy, patriarchy, and neoliberal capitalism, all for the benefit of the ruling class. Things like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a horrible neoliberal economic program aimed at expanding multinational corporations’ rights to defy sovereign nations when their profits are threatened, are known to be dangers to human dignity. This is all to mean that the will of the ruling class will not be jeopardized by either Clinton or Trump and that, for me, it is a story of two evils perpetuating poverty, violence, hatred, and murder. As W.E.B Dubois said, “I believe that democracy has so far disappeared in the United States that no ‘two evils’ exist. There is but one evil party with two names, and it will be elected despite all I can do or say.”

So when I hear ‘we have to vote for Hillary in order to stop Trump, all I can think of is how easily the ruling class has effectively convinced the people that there is no other option but the one they propose. I am sorry but we have not, and currently do not, live in a democracy or any definition of a just society. We live in a land stolen from Native people via genocide, we live in a country that kidnapped millions of African people to enslave them with the goal of increasing their economic wealth and power, we live in a nation who has tried to denied these facts and at the same time claim we are all equal.

A state with an inherently immoral foundation does not have any principled righteousness to claim to change itself for the better. True Justice seeks to fundamentally change this order from the bottom-up to actually ensure the liberation of all oppressed peoples. In the words of the revolutionary Che Guevara “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”

To the people who continue resisting this oppressive order, I salute you.