Do chat bots have the potential to hold something genuinely useful?

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We probably all heard about automatic bot messaging. Hell, facebook made sure of it on their last conference. We have it apps like Slack, Kik, Telegram, or you guessed it: facebook Messenger. Question is if it’ll really change our way of interacting with other systems, or it’s just a nice new feature that, as many new technologies, come and go?

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We’ve going through a process of utmost dependency of pocket size device that can answer almost all your desires.
If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds of apps already installed on your device.

Your mobile ecosystem is composed of multiple services that do very different things. One for shopping, one for checking maps, one for finding a fancy restaurant near by, one for… You get the point!
But there where it fails short! Wouldn’t it be nice if we have just one app with multiple services embedded could do our favourite stuff? …


José Silva

Head of UI at

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