Putting Vegan on Blockchain: How Will a Decentralized Vegan Nation Make the World a Better Place?

As vegans we know that animal products harm human health and damage the environment. We know too that our actions are the solution to that harm. We start with ourselves and we try to spread the word with the tools we have. And it works. The vegan market is growing. Our numbers are rising. Our impact is being felt.

But not strongly enough.

What if we could dramatically scale the effect that vegans have on the world?

What if we could all come together with our own economy? Our own marketplace? Our own currency? Our own nation?

VeganNation is building a new realm for the global vegan community: a fully functioning cruelty-free ecosystem. This ecosystem will use the VeganCoin, VCN, the first cryptocurrency designed solely for vegans and for others looking to make a positive global impact.

We are already working on a blockchain-based platform that will make the supply chain fully transparent. Vegans will have a 100% guarantee that the products and services they buy in the ecosystem are cruelty-free. With that greater transparency, the vegan lifestyle will be easier to adopt and simpler to lead.

Blockchain technology will also give additional protection to vendors. The blockchain prevents fraud and because all sales are final, sellers needn’t worry about chargeback fees. Rapid clearance will make net 30 payments a thing of the past.

Putting veganism on the blockchain will make the lifestyle easier to lead, and give it a much stronger impact on the world.