What is VeganNation? The Five Pillars of the First Global Vegan Ecosystem

The global vegan population now numbers about 300 million, roughly the size of the United States. It’s growing fast. In the US alone the number of vegans increased 600% over the last three years.

That rapid rise is moving the market. In 2017, demand for plant-based products grew by 987%. Veganism is undoubtedly on a roll but can we seize the moment and use it to amplify our success. Can we further our agenda and scale the results? What should be the next strategic move for vegan growth?

VeganNation is building the first decentralized, cruelty-free, global community. Based on the blockchain technology, a designated cryptocurrency and a sharing economy platform, VeganNation will create a fully functioning ecosystem, uniting hundreds of millions of vegans from around the world into a single vast global community. We’ll provide services that span the economy, technology, content, marketplace and more.

Our new ecosystem will support all aspects of the vegan lifestyle, making it more approachable, affordable, and easier to maintain.

VeganNation will be built on five solid pillars:

  1. Sharing Economy: members can use VCN, a cryptocurrency designed for vegans and built on the blockchain. They’ll use that currency to exchange goods and services, starting with meals. A meal-sharing platform will allow vegans and the vegan-curious around the world to have home-cooked, fair-priced meals wherever they go.
  2. Cruelty-free Marketplace: VeganNation will collaborate with vegan-friendly businesses and service providers who offer cruelty-free produce and products around the world. Transactions will be easy and safe using the blockchain and VCN.
  3. Content: all vegan needs will be met on a comprehensive platform with content including global and local news, recipes, health, fitness and fashion advice, vegan household tips, economy and tech for a plant-based lifestyle, and more.
  4. Community: we aim to bring the global vegan community together and give individuals a chance to meet and converse with like-minded people. Local ambassadors will create local societies and bring a possibility for change and positive impact.
  5. Innovation: VeganNation will allocate resources and offer support to innovative projects that promote environmental and vegan causes.

VeganNation is a living entity that will evolve according to the actions of its members. It’s a unique opportunity to build a global nation free from the pressures of governments and corporate lobbies, promoting the values of a plant-based, cruelty-free world. Are you in?

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