All I see here is a woman who has not truly considered what trans people have gone through, and…
Kaylee Goins

Theres a million and one articles like this, and you just don’t get it!

You keep saying your not transphobic, and yet, you repeat the same endless nonsense transphobic articles use to stir things up.

I know a lot of trans-woman, and every single one acknowledges the difference, none have ever thought a lesbian who has a problem with dating transwomen as bigoted, nor have any EVER had a problem with calling things breastfeeding etc, you are projecting and reframing the things you don’t like and claiming it is representative of the trans community, it is nonsense. You do realise there are over 120,000,000 trans people across the world, who all think entirely differently and debate all these same things amongst ourselves.

Articles like this are just tiresome, they are almost entirely disingenuous that rely on projection and re-framing what trans people think because of a vocal minority.

And always written by 20-somethings who have no idea what the life of a trans-woman entails.
But have read a few word-press blogs, and decide to target trans woman, rather than actually, you know, functional feminism that might actually achieve something

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