RideMe Taxi! Could this be the biggest indigenous ride-hailing app in Nigeria.

Js King
Js King
Aug 13, 2018 · 2 min read
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Nigeria is the biggest ride-hailing market in Africa with over 20,000 active drivers. Over the last 5 years Nigeria has transformed from a largely taxi-driven nation to an e-hailing nation. The wide adoption of e-hailing taxis in Nigeria has grown on the inefficiency of traditional taxis.

Many would agree that one of the main challenges of traditional taxis are arbitrary fares. Getting fair taxi price often depends on the bargaining power of the riders with ignorant riders often paying double and sometimes three times the actual fare. The process of hailing rides often means riders go out of their comfort location to get a ride. These and many more issues have made e-hailing taxis a better option for Nigerians.

RideMe Taxi, an indigenous taxi app in Lagos has come into the Nigerian market to offer Nigerians the best e-hailing services for both riders, driver and partners. One of its biggest offerings to drivers is zero commission. Simply put what you earn is what you get driving on the RideMe Taxi App. Drivers also enjoy same day payment for all card trips — you don’t need to wait for 7 days to get your money anymore.

RideMe Taxi is a pro-driver and pro-rider taxi app with excellent customer support. It has various plans to better the lives of its drivers such as comprehensive health insurance plans, comprehensive vehicle insurance, and access to flexible car loans.

RideMe Taxi is built on one of the strongest technology designed to provide top security and stability for users. The app has gone through quality checks to ensure high performance across all devices.

Riders who install the app get a free ride for their first trip (Use promo code: FREERIDES). Riders would also earn N800 whenever they refer the app to their friends while their friend get N1000 in return.

As the ride-hailing industry in Nigeria continues to grow, RideMe Taxi, an indigenous taxi app can pose a formidable challenge to market leaders, Uber and Taxify by creating offerings that are local to the Nigerian market and addresses the unmet needs of Nigerian riders and drivers.

The rider and driver app is currently available for download on Google Playstore and Appstore. The app is available in Lagos at the moment and would be launched into other Nigerian cities soon.

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