Is Seattle Still The Same? 30 Tales of Loss
Melissa Mesku

Hello Melissa. Thank you so much for this story. I was in Seattle a little over a month ago. The last time I was there was sixteen years ago in winter. So this time the experience was a complete re discovery of the city. I don’t know if it was the whole situation of that one particular week towards the end of July, or the fact that the traveler’s mind often tends to over mystify some places. Truth is I loved Seattle more than ever. Based on your account of special places I feel blessed to have hit some of the better non-tourist traps in that city. Maybe the only one thing that was very worrisome and unavoidable for me was the insane amount of homeless people, that even for someone coming from a developing country it was very impressive. Cities change, its the natural course of things. People change, places change, the boat changes. For me the important thing is that the people in that city, my people in that city, and whatever city I go to, continue to give me a reason to return, to enjoy and by all means to over mystify my love and gratitude for Seattle.

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