Introducing The Crème of The Coffeelicious

The Veil

She laughed. “It tickles behind my ears.”

“You have to be patient.”

“But its unfair if I can’t see.” She said while stomping a foot on the sand.

“That’s the whole point of it.”

“Practicing to be blind, you mean?”

“No silly, stay still, now listen, not a single sound ok?”


The wind picked up as the waves crashed violently against the shore. She could feel the veil around her hair becoming wet.

“Its getting rather chilly, plus I can’t really hear all that well.”

“Common, concentrate.”

She flicked her arms in the air. “Honestly, I fail to understand the whole purpose of this. How is this going to help? How is this going to make me understand anything?”

“Do you trust me?”


“Do you trust me?”

“I…. ye”

“Yes! So be quiet and stay still.”

The wind gushed and howled and as the waves loudened the fabric in her clothing vibrated violently against her skin voraciously ripping and thudding and tugging away from her body.

She tried to speak but she couldn’t hear herself. She tried tensing the veil around her head but it did not give. Breathing was getting harder as the cold sand hardened under her toes announcing the somber power of the ocean.

“Close your eyes.”

Shivers down her spine. A shout may be a whisper at moments, and under the present state of violence it commanded ethereal obedience.

Eyes closed. Lips tight. Body tensed.

She gave in. Wind was carrying heavy rain from every direction, lacerating her whole body.

The static quality of the noise blended into an utter state of silence and as her shoulders fell in a long exhale she felt the thrusting of the veil.

Right, one step. Back, one step. Left, one step.

Again. Right, one step. Back, one step. Pause. Left, one step.

Again. Right, one step. Back… Left.

Again. Right, back, left, around.

One step. Right, and forward, and left. And forward, again, half step, and around.

She dropped to her knees. Shivering, crying, smiling. The music still floating around in the cold still air.

The veil was blending with the icy cold clouds reflected on the water as it floated in the wind half way into the ocean, mimicking her waltzing on the shore.

She looked around. She was alone.

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