1 Thing to Avoid on Your Journey to Heaven

As a young business man I want to know the quickest, the fastest and the most reliable way to grow my internet network; The Golden Curtain Studio Network. I do not have time for gimmicks and tryouts. I simply want the truth about what works and what does not.

The truth is that everyone likes the truth. The pure essence of being a human being desires truth. Am going to share with you the truth about something I value much more than my internet network.

Eternal Life

My eternal destiny is very important to me and I have a concern for the eternal destiny of others. This life is far too short for trial and error when it comes to the eternal destiny of a person.

Heaven or Hell

I hope you choose heaven. If you chose hell, all you have to do to get there is to not read how to go to heaven. If you chose heaven this is what you must avoid . You must avoid trying to go to heaven merely on your merits and good deeds. The only way to go to heaven is through God’s grace through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. By simply accepting the gift of grace with a deep and sincere heart, God will save you and keep you saved and when He comes, you will live with Him for eternity. Simple as that.


Beware trying to go to heaven through your own, self-merit. The Holy Bible speaks about the impossibility of a rich man to go to heaven (Matthew 19:23–26). Why does it use a rich man as an example? A rich man has access to all things he may desire. That alludes to the fact that you and I should not and do not have anything to gain salvation but simply through accepting the precious gift of God’s grace.

Simple and Quick

Stop relying on your strength, knowledge, power, money and prestige to go to heaven. The only way your eternal future is secured in heaven is by sincerely accepting God’s gift of grace.

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— Josue J. Ramirez

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