Own Premium Flats and Apartments in Kakkanad,Kochi(Cochin)|Manjooran Housing
Manjooran Housing

Manjooran Housing is a fraud builder in Ernakulam. This week they advertised to sell their flats in infopark at an all inclusive lucrative price of Rs 26 lakhs. They claim that the flats will be delivered by the middle of 2018 without mentioning the carpet area. This is absolutely false only to loot the innocent their hard earned money.

The proposed land is not yet filled. Still under the category of wet land (NILAM) in revenue records. As per law filling wet land (nilam) is a non bailable offence. Secondly, they won’t get clearance from Fire and Safety department. As per news there are 77 completed projects expecting this clearance already. Manjooran project has no such infra structure facilities. They have not even applied for the Fire and Safety clearance. Never will they get building permit and other approvals from municipality. Thirdly, they are not registered under The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA). Fourthly, their whole land is under mortgage with banks. They hide these facts from their advertisements.

M/s Manjooran Housing and its CEO Mr John Manjooran are very notorious for having cheated their customers. Very bad quality projects. These brothers viz. Mr. Joy Jo Manjooran, Mr. Paul Manjooran, Mr Jomin Thomas Manjooran and Mr John Manjooran are not at all reliable. No credibility. Their only aim is to loot their customers by false promises. They never tell truth even accidentally. Only telling all sorts of lies. CREDAI refused them membership. So Please beware. Don’t fall under these third rated criminals. Keep away from them.

Manjooran Housing means cheat and fraud. No moral values and ethics. They are cancer of society. Several criminal cases already against them.

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