Hillary Clinton vs. the Drunken Monkey

I begin with the premise that there are a handful of business people that possess a portfolio of skills needed to build a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation. And you can bet on one thing, they are very smart people who seldom make big mistakes. If they were they would be gone. They surely don’t take $100 million of their families inheritance at age 70 and throw it away.

First. Never expect what Donald Trump does to make sense to you, the pundits, or his opposition. If they did you would know how to counter them and he would become a normal competitor with normal vulnerabilities and weaknesses and predictability.

One of my favorite athletes was Mohammed Ali. During his early fights he was mocked for his fighting style and ring persona. Ali would dance around the ring spouting jibberish while seemingly getting battered by his highly favored opponents. He was ridiculed by Howard Cossel, the commentator, and considered an embarrassment to the sport. He was the butt of many a joke at first much like Trump is now.

Then, in the last few rounds of the race, when everyone considered it over, Ali would become a different person. His opponents arms would be weak and drooping from all the fruitless punching to Ali’s dancing form. The other fighter would be tired and angry and frustrated but still confident of victory.

And then it would happen. Ali would explode with a level of power and precision that was a wonder to behold. His opponent would be essentially defenseless. Then he would methodically cut them to pieces. Perfect punch after perfect punch. By all appearences effortlessly. And then he won.

It is the rarest of competitors that are capable of drawing and withstanding 8 rounds of a 10 rounds of punches and with the ability to mask what is coming and the discipline to hold back. I strongly suspect from some things I have noticed, that it is exactly what Trump is doing.

The forces arrayed against him are monumental. All the major news organizations, a well funded and resourced political machine willing to say or do anything to win., as well as tatus quo politicians of both parties who want to see him destroyed. The comparison of him to Ali is a fair one. If Trump fought in anything resembling a traditional way he would not still be within a few points of Hillary.

One clue is how he drafts Hillary by always staying enough points behind to avoid real panic which might draw out big lethal guns and a massive counter attack. He always does something stupid when he starts to get to close or even ahead. Often the stupid things have long term strategic benefits.

He is a master at trolling the media. They don’t want to cover him in any positive way so he wraps his message in an odious wrapper and they go for it every time. Not releazing that in the process they are reporting on the issue he wanted them to cover.

For example. The concensus from everyone on both sides was that he blew it in last debate with his answer to the respecting the election results question. How stupid can he be?

Not very actually. He has countless wiki leaks emails, ignored by the media, documenting collusion of the media with his opponents campaign, as well as video tapes of operatives paid by his opponents campaign to incite violence at his rallies. The last thing the media wants to do is put any attention on these embarrassing documents and videos.

So what has the focus been on since Trump’s “blunder”? Campaign fraud. What suddenly is finding its way into the conversation? Yup. The emails and documents. Immigration was as on nobody’s radar. Border security. NAFTA. Washington corruption. All issues that Trump trolled the media into making issues that he has built his campaign on. Issues that his opponents were not remotely prepared to battle on. One of Sun Tsu’s most basic premises. Never, ever let the enemy fight on the ground they are prepared to fight on.

One of two things are about to happen. Trump is either going to show himself to be the self-destructive bone head he appears to be and get slaughtered. Or starting right now we will see him begin slowly climb in the polls as everything comes together with impeccable timing. Not so fast and early to give the Democrats time to mount a counter attack and not too late, If done adeptly enough it will look like luck. You can be certain he is not going to signal his intentions.

Drunken Monkey is a form of martial arts that is extremely hard to defend against because the fighter fails and jumps around like a drunken monkey, seemingly incoherently. Until of course he strikes. Lethally.