My Trump Theory of Everything
Dave Pell

Or as I posit in my “Hillary vs. The Drunken Monkey” he is taking a page from Sun Tsu and Mohammed Ali and constantly keeping a far superior opponent off-balance until at the very end, when it is too late to respond, he unleashes.

Like the last debate when he “blundered” re rigged election. He trolled the media into opening the door to what they didn’t want to cover: the wiki leaks emails and video tapes exposing Democrat party/media collusion and corruption. What topic is dominating the media since the debates opening the door to the emails?

He is very possibly holding his numbers back purposefully. He plays at a level in business where you have to have the balls to do it. Not because he wants to lose but because he doesn’t want to trigger a response in his opponents camp until it is too late. They have massive resources if they did. Think race horse hanging back but always within striking distance until the final stretch when he makes his move. A level of competitiveness politicians and pundits would never predict or understand,

I have lost more than my fair share of battles to people like Trump and all the signs are there. He looks way too much like someone with hidden aces than someone about to lose.

Right now he looks like he is getting ready to do what he has had the discipline not to do prematurely. Unleash a perfectly timed, coordinated attack on Hillary that will bring her down a yard short of the finish line. He has $100 million of his own money on the table. Does he look like he is someone who realizes he just threw it away for nothing while destroying a brand he has spent a lifetime building?