I love concise charts and graphs. Part of the appreciation for high impact charts and graphs was developed in my past consulting life as creating graphics to fit the storyline was an important skill. Part of the appreciation comes from my short attention span and corresponding preference to absorb information in as few words as possible.

I came across The Visual Capitalist, which although I just started sifting through their articles, contains really insightful infographics about a wide variety of topics. The first one that caught my eye and led me to the site was “The Jeff Bezos Empire.” The infographic below gives a really insightful picture of how Jeff Bezos built Amazon through a smart mixture of both organic and inorganic growth. It also shows his forward thinking investments ranging from Google to various healthcare related companies.


The Whole Foods acquisition is by far the latest acquisition to date, but as can be inferred from previous acquisitions/investments in the likes of Alexa, Twitch, and Kiva Systems, the Whole Foods acquisition clearly sets the tone for an important pillar in Amazon’s strategy going forward.

Great charts are a key tool in effective storytelling. Startup CEO’s must be powerful storytellers when selling the vision and the product not only to investors, but also to customers, current & potential employees, and partners. Some may consider powerpoint slides and charts a waste of time, but I can attest that powerful storytelling is critical in the fundraising process, while ineffective story telling can result in lost opportunities.

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