I, Racist
John Metta

I would have to say that you are rather on par with everything in this article. Racism still flows in this country in both obvious and subtle ways. Having grown up in the north I can also say that it is not unidirectional. I have to wonder however why you chose to add a complaint about the Lord of the Rings movies. Or in truth any movie. I say this because you claim it is racist that they did not cast any people of color in it for “historical accuracy”. I have to ask if you know the history of why Tolkien wrote the books or in what context. Tolkien wrote these books as a “creation myth” for England a land which, after centuries of various different conquerors came through, no longer had one. Within the books and Tolkien’s notes all of the races were clearly defined to reflect the people of England which historically were believed to be white or lighter of skin. Casting according to this setting makes sense. If you were to have a movie about the creation mythology of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin you wouldn’t cast a white person into any of the roles as it would not be accurate to the mythology or the historical setting of the story. In either case it should not be considered racist casting as it is simply proper casting for the parts.

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