My Token / ICO / Blockchain Capital Markets Landscape
Etienne Brunet

Great article. Very informative and packed with resources that would have taken me awhile to gather; thank you.

We are launching our ICO several days from now and one of the issues we are debating is how to manage fund administration through a public ledger. In other words, the founders and managers of the company do not want to personally manage the allocations and disbursements to vendors, contractors, service providers, etc.

At no point, will funds be controlled or accessed by anyone other than token holders-escrow agent. All funds are to be wired directly into contractors, vendors and service providers accounts with contractor scheduling. Funds are administered and allocated by token holders. The management team does not control funds at any time. Disbursements are in accord with build-out schedule and proof-of-work, invoices for work completed are submitted and third party on-site certification (i.e. County Judge, County Commissioner, etc.) and hundreds of on-site security cameras that any token holder can access 24/7 from any web browser enabled device.

Any thoughts on could this be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

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