Joto featuring a beautiful “Jot” by Will Scobie

A “First Look” at Joto (or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Full Transparency)

One of the most frustrating aspects we’ve found about launching a new product is the difficulty with syncing our product timeline and our marketing timeline.

Show the product too early and the design is likely to change, but show the product too late and we risk losing everyone’s interest.

To solve this dilemma, we’ve decided to embrace what we’ve dubbed full transparency…

We’re a startup, not a massive company, and we shouldn’t pretend to be one. It benefits nobody for us to develop and tinker with Joto in a vacuum. Instead we want to build a community who are invested in what we’re doing, a group of champions who want to join us for the ride!

So in the spirit of full-transparency, we’ve decided to reveal to you a “first look” at Joto. Yes it’s a render, and yes, things may change (Barney, our Co-Founder & Lead Product Designer was very keen to stress this), but until our prototype is delivered in the next few weeks, this is Joto. A connected canvas for your wall, that magically draws with a pen…

A beautiful “Jot” by Will Scobie

Jamie Wieck (Those, Co-Founder & Director)
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