LIVE: From London 🛫 to Shenzhen 🛬

Shenzhen Update (31/08/16 | 16:38PM)

Those who’ve been following our social media streams (and if not, you’re missing out) will know that last week Jim set off for Shenzhen to assemble our very first “beta-production” Joto.

This morning, the first pictures finally came back, and they don’t disappoint.

This Joto isn’t some ropey string prototype (been there done that), or a proof-of-concept fresh from a 3D printer (done that too). This Joto is formed from stamped metal, a piece of machined hardware capable of being produced by the thousands.

This is our first step into the real world. Manufacture at scale.

So apart from sampling the local tipple (60% ABV I hear 😁), Jim is our man on the ground to fine tune this new class of prototype. We’ll be sure to post more pictures as they come…

Shenzhen Update (02/09/16 | 15:06PM)

The first pictures of Jim have started to trickle back so at least we know he’s alive and well. However, being unable to talk to him we’ll have to guess what he’s up to. In this photo, Jim’s either about to oversee the Joto production line or make a string of sausages.

The factory we’re using is filled with these amazing CNC stamping machines.

They make cutting, folding and stamping metal as easy as paper origami — check out the video above to see a similar machine in action…

Finally, the all important production shot! Here’s the first Joto being assembled. Careful now.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Jamie Wieck (Those, Co-Founder & Director)
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