Last Friday, Victoria and Albert museum gave us the chance to showcase our large scale drawing tech —recently rebranded as Joto X! We took part in their January Friday Late, an event that celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing audiences face-to-face with leading and emerging artists and designers.

In collaboration with generative artists Inconvergent and Variable studio, the focus was to explore the different results you can get from systems of simple rules, computer coding and algorithms, and create a visual representation of this.

Using Joto X to translate this into pen and ink illustrations, visitors could see the tech drawing prints before their eyes and take them home once finished. Here are some photos of the event, and more information about the artists and the artwork showcased at the V&A Friday Late event:

Variable Studio

Marcin Ignac (Variable Studio)

Run by Marcin Ignac, Variable is a studio blending design, software and the aesthetics emerging from data, processes and human behaviour.

An artificial simulation of the natural phenomena of plant growth. Within the space, the circles are food and lines are branches.

Encoding the nurturing schedule of a three month old baby as the bond with parents is forming and patterns emerge.

See more of his work at


Generative art project by Anders Hoff. The project explores the complex and interesting results you can get from systems of simple rules.

A system for generating arbitrary glyphs or characters. Each character consists of a small rectangular grid, then lines of various width are drawn between points in this grid.

An algorithm that mimics cursive writing, but with an alphabet that is randomly generated. Each character consists of a smooth curve that is controlled by several control points.

An attempt to find a systematic and consistent way of generating arbitrary, but aesthetically appealing simplistic symbols. Each symbol is distinct, but the rules for creating them is the same.

See more of his work at

Thanks for reading. If you have any question, requests or would like to tell us about an idea you’ve had for Joto, drop us a line at

Our new Joto X website will be live very soon — Keep your eyes peeled!

The Joto team

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