When Alexa met Joto…

What happens when you connect Amazon Alexa to Joto?

In our persistence to put Joto to the test, we introduced our robotic drawing board to the increasingly popular, Amazon Alexa voice control tech. With a little help from the noun project — where Alexa can find graphic references to send to Joto — we could see some incredible results!

Who doesn’t want to know what love looks like for AI? We also explored Alexa’s personal views on complicated matters such as the meaning of life. Then, we simply asked her to draw something easy, like a dog.

Ready to see what happens when two robots speak to each other?

If you have any question, requests or would like to tell us about an idea you’ve had for Joto, drop us a line at hello@joto.rocks

Carmen Domingo (Those, Communications Manager)
Joto, the robotic drawing board was successfully funded on Kickstarter. You can now pre-order yours on