Scaling Ethereum to Billions of Users
Fred Ehrsam

“Scaling is multidimensional. Different methods address different things. So it’s hard to measure with a single and global “transactions per second” metric.”

Muneeb Ali‏ @muneeb :

“2/ For scaling computer systems the first rule is to correctly identify the bottleneck. … for scaling blockchains that is the physical internet pipes that connect us. That’s the choke point. …. protocols that focus on minimizing on-chain data instead of trying to scale on-chain will end up winning.”

e.g b2b invoicing — the global volume there is 11.000 6-hop txs per second / 600 million firms / 170 billion invoices — A future market leading blockchain may have 30%+ of that market which means that the number of transactions will be on the current level of MasterCard. If that market leader is a start-up today what would be a best technology to start with?

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