What makes a robust Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC)?

The dream of a true DAC require the members to actively participate or at least exercise their voting rights. However, in general, modern people are time-poor. It is challenging enough just to catch up with the developments in blockchain speed (people in crypto-sphere like to estimate that things in blockchain world changes 10x faster than traditional business), not to mention the reading required for being an active DAC member. I think most people, like myself, are still having all these airdrop tokens sitting on account without squeezing the time required to understand what they are for. So, I think a robust DAC would need these elements:

  • a human support system such as a referral network
  • a ranked notice board highlighting the most pressing issues to be resolved.
  • an effective and easy proxy system to (free)ride on trusted experts’ knowledge.

If the referral network support system is built in with aligned interests, executed with a crypto token, the DAC could retain the “Decentralized” nature while strengthening the “Community” spirit. Human beings can organize ourselves in very different ways. After all, it is what blockchain promises, isn’t it?