For The Love Of Sushi: Lip-smacking Sushi Recipes For Sushi Lovers!

For all the sushi lovers, it is that one food they can never get tired of and that is why they are always found looking for good sushi restaurants wherever they go. It’s healthy, protein-rich and top of all, flavourful and yummy. However, dining out for sushi Hawaii can be a real indulgence if all you want is variety all the time. Though you can try kaiten sushi Honolulu but for the one who has tasted it all, something different is always the priority. Well, market preparations can’t be altered but you can definitely try some of these recipes at home if you are a die-hard sushi fan.

Although there are a lot of things to know about sushi in Honolulu because of the vast variety of sushi Hawaii, which is being served in sushi restaurants here but nothing can beat the taste and flavors of a sushi made at home. Believe me; trying these recipes will definitely make you forget the popular kaiten sushi Honolulu.

With no extra fat or calories and just simple carbs, a homemade sushi is the healthiest thing you will ever have. No, it’s not that tricky as you think. Just check out these delicious sushi recipes and be a chef at home:

  • Dive into the flavor of a California sushi roll, which comes in a tasty combo of crisp cucumber, creamy avocado, and juicy crab rolled in brown rice and sushi nori. This is the best classic sushi roll for those home sushi adventures, which will be loved by both adults and kids.
  • Try making spicy smoked salmon roll, a delectable home sushi option, which requires brown rice, sushi nori, cucumber, and scallion. A tasty wrap topped with a creamy, spicy sauce that is sure to melt in your mouth. A fun to make recipe, which lets you have a delicious sushi right in the comfort of your home.
  • The shrimp spring roll with chili soy sauce is another delightful sushi recipe that you must give a try. This is a sushi variety that is usually high on prices in sushi restaurants. Making it at home will definitely make you beg for more, it is that much tasty as well as easy to prepare. Don’t wait, start your preparations and surprise all your friends and family.
  • A veg sushi for vegans is another hit that can be easily tried at home. All you need is your favorite veggies and freshly prepared sweet cilantro sauce to lift your taste buds. Apart from being healthy and light, this sushi also looks beautiful and tempting and can delight both vegetarians and meat lovers.
  • Next on the list is the sushi roll made out of chicken and complemented with peanut sauce. This one is the perfect food for someone on diet as it has a host of healthy ingredients in it. Try out this recipe if all you want is a satisfied stomach and a wholesome meal.

So, next time when you have craving for sushi Hawaii, stop searching for the sushi restaurants and try your hand at these tasty recipes, which are both healthy and delicious.