The best 28 life’s Lesson I’ve learned

1. Be grateful: I have realized that everything we experience on a daily is a blessing. A lot of the time we focus on minor things and forget to look at the bigger picture which is being alive and giving a new opportunity every day. Don’t wait when a bad day to come around to realize how precious every day of your life really is.

2. Stay away from negative people: Negative people will slow you down big time. They never think about solutions but instead focusing on all possible reason why something can’t work. Negative people will make you believe that things are always bad, and worst things is they don’t see the lesson on failure, all they see is limitations.

3. Be yourself: Once you don’t feel the need to please anyone and don’t feel the need to be accepted you win. Feel no need to impress others, Feel no need for other’s approval

4. Have multiple streams of income: don’t rely on one steam of income. Once you got one going, focus on how you can create a second one. Life is full of setbacks, so the more cushion you have the better,

5. Love yourself: Love yourself and treat you right. Stay dedicated to your personal development to see how far you can go, who you can become and how that can impact other people around you. Love yourself so much that you understand your worth and you know that the best thing you can do for yourself is to be true to yourself.

6. A great future does not require a great pass: I learned about a lot of people who struggled in their past, but did not give up and things got better until they made their dreams and goals become a reality. Too often we give up too early because we don’t see it. But if we have faith and we don’t give up UNTIL what we want happens, it will eventually happen.

7. A normal life is VERY Boring: A normal life to me is doing what everybody else is doing, always following trends, following societies rules to a T. It’s ok to be different, it’s ok to like different stuff, it’s ok to go the opposite way. It’s ok to do you and to stuff what other people might think is weird.

8. Stop Complaining for everything: The more time you are spending complaining, less time you have to focus on anything good. Shit won’t always go your way and it’s ok. Step back and move on. Most of the time it’s not even that serious. If you can do something about it, stop talking start acting.

9. Take risk: This life is all about managing risk, most of the best thing in life will come from taking risks, from getting outside on your comfort zone and doing new and different things. Everything is already risky. But what’s worst is not taking any risk at all.

10. Never stop learning: never ever stop learning, the key to your success is you and if you stop learning, your progress curve will stop growing. Progress = happiness so you can imagine the end result. Stay curious and You do not need someone else approval to upgrade your knowledge.

11. Be a student not a follower: Learn from others but don’t try to be others. Be inspired but don’t try to be like somebody else because you will never be. So, learn from others and create your own flavor.

12. To have more you need to become more: If you want more in life you need to simply become more. You can’t expect to reach a million, by just doing average 9–5 hours. It will simply not work. You need to put in the work, you need to become obsess and always strive to get better.

13. Find a way to add value to other people life: Life don’t not resolve only around you. So, when you can help someone else without compromising yourself, do it.

14. Happiness begins with you: That’s one of my favorite. Happiness needs come from you. No one, or things will make you happy forever. But if you can be at peace with yourself and find what’s makes you happy. You will be in a very good spot. Everything else is second, it will add to it but can’t never create it.

15. Live with no regrets: When you feel like doing something, do it. Whatever that is, you need to do it. Don’t let life event make you become immobilize to the point you are missing great opportunities. You will have regrets and that’s the worst feeling ever.

16. Focus on things that matter: So much noise out there, especially with all those social media. The less time you spend on those things, the more time you free up to do what matters in your life. Stay drama free and try not to be attracted by another people’s dram. Focus, Focus, Focus. 99% of the noise does not really matter.

17. Find a way to get your time freedom: If you can be on your own schedule, I think that’s one of the best things ever. For some people this might difficult because you have a traditional job, but keep working on it and find a way to get out of it. No one should have to ask someone else for their own time.

18. Excuses will turn your dreams into dust: Life is pretty simple, it will be hard but it’s possible. So, do what you need to do and don’t look around for any reason not to. The worse one is: Because I don’t feel like it.

19. Write your goals down: Write all your goals down and make sure they are as clear as possible. When you write it down they become more real and you can read them over and over again.

20. Become relentless

21. You will fail your way to success

22. Do what is right, not what is easy

23. Travel, get out of your bubble and see what life has to offer

24. Dream big but study harder

25. Only you can stop you

26. Have patience

27. Don’t let fear stop you

28. Do shit you love

Clermont Dossous

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