order where there is disorder
direction where there is chaos
acceptance where there is contrast

if we are not clear about how we will approach resistance individually, how can we be so organized that we are able to ensure that our strengths are accentuated? my hope is that in this time, we will become masters of ourselves, because even in moments of peace, we need to have an understanding of the contents of our soul in order to have understanding of our natural reactions, our trained responses, and our strategic countermoves — let alone in times as tumultuous as present day.

the greatest battle that we have is with ourselves: in this fight, we have to assess what is standing in the way of our greatness, both externally and internally. how do we stop it? how do we position ourselves to be the best version of ourselves?

how do we create order and peace within that we may bring about transformative change in the world around us?

how can we quiet the noise today so that there can be a clarity around our individual and collective visions of where we want our tomorrow to go?

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