App Analytics Sources And Metrics — From Where Downloads Are Really Coming?

Apple upgraded their App Analytics on 5 May 2017 with a feature that allows you to track sources of app impressions, product page views, app installs, etc.

Things That Are Tracked

  1. Impressions- The number of times your app was viewed on the App Store for more than one second. This includes search results, Featured, Explore, Top Charts and app Product Page Views. Apps listed in Updates in the App Store app are not included. If you want to learn more about App Impressions and how to use them, check out this link
  2. Product Page Views — Earlier they were called App Store Views, which simply means number of times app page was open up to view its screenshots, read its description, etc.
  3. App Units — Number of downloads.
  4. In-App-Purchases.
  5. Sales- It is related to number of IAPs.
  6. Number of Paying Users — Related to Sales.
  7. Installations —Same as App Units but it also include App Updates, Downloads on other devices from same ID, redownloads, etc.
  8. Sessions — Number of times app open for more than 2 seconds.
  9. Active Devices. — DAU (Daily Active Users)
  10. Active Last 30 Days- MAU(Monthly Active Users)

That’s a Big List. So, these are the things which we track but what do we do with that? We are here “tracking the sources which influence the numbers of above 10 factors”.

What Are These Sources?

Their are 4 sources which covers all the major aspects — App Store Browse, App Store Search, App Referrals, Web Referrals.

For Example- App Store Search contribute 90% of your App Units, which means you need to take App Store Search very seriously and make it your first priority since its your bread and its also a signal that you need to find others ways Like — SEO, PR, Friends Referrals, etc to driver downloads i.e. invest time to make different sources of downloads (income).

Let’s dive into each one of them…

1. App Store Browse

Customers viewed your app or tapped to download it for the first time while browsing the Featured, Categories, or Top Charts sections of the App Store. Based on devices running iOS 8 or tvOS 9, or later.

How to use it?- Getting featured by the Apple is awesome but, is it really helpful? People who see your app (impressions) may or may not be interested in downloading it because it could be very specific purpose based like- water hydration level controller app. Plus, spending lots of money in marketing campaign to get your app in top chats, these numbers will clarify your decisions on buying app install is a good idea or not?

How to improve these numbers? — To get featured by the apple requires you to participate in the New App or Major Update or Free App of the Week. To participate in it click on this link. Plus, if you find that your app ROI is good, so why spend $3 in advertising to make $4.8? But still, handful of apps are like that.

2. App Store Search. (Most Important)

Customers viewed your app or tapped to download it for the first time from Search on the App Store. Includes Search Ads in App Store search. Based on devices running iOS 8 or tvOS 9, or later.

How to use it? Since ASO is the first thing which every developer must do, this data will tell you the amount of hard work which you put into your app ASO strategy is really worth it or not? Generally answer is “yes”, reason you know. But in case if your app is extremely specific like — it is for the shop keepers who sell towels, ASO may not work here, in that case you must consider other platforms like- email marketing, Facebook campaign, etc. Plus, this will also going to tell the success of your Search Ads Campaign.

How to improve these numbers? First of all, learn ASO from a good instructor or blogs or company. For example like this link. Then find a good ASO tool like — sensorTower or Mobile Action. I use mobile action as paid user and sensor tower as free because it lack features. Hence now apply your knowledge and wait for the results and keep working on ASO with time. CONSISTENCY!!!

3. App Referrals

Customers tapped a link in an app that brought them to your App Store product page. Includes apps that load your product page with StoreKit API. Based on devices running iOS 8 or tvOS 9, or later.

How to use it? This helps you to measure the success of your apps dynamic links, cross promote strategies, referral strategies and SEO. Dynamic links could had been open in gmail. Referral strategies means that your user sends invites to his friend to download your app - this can be done with Firebase App Invites & Facebook. SEO can be related to — a person was looking for something on Google Search App, then discovered your app and downloaded it.

How to improve these numbers? Cross promote your app in a smart way like -telling user that your app is paid but just for you it is free and make this thing accessible which means most user don’t really navigate your app that much, so have pop-ups that work for you. Plus, checkout Firebase growth section for more details. For SEO, I don’t have much knowledge about it but still if you want to use Google Search for retention purpose then you must use Firebase App Indexing

4. Web Referrer

Customers tapped a link from a website that brought them to your App Store product page. Based on websites visited in Safari on devices running iOS 8 or later.

How to use it? Measure the impact of PR and SEO on your app (if browse from mobile website). Disadvantage is that, it only works for safari, but their are many other browser.

how to improve these numbers? Here you can only work on PR and SEO. Just like my previous blog, to make your life easier, and to get more blessing from you. I am sharing you the list of all the people, pages, you-tubers I have found till date — Here 1 & 2

In metrics section, you can use filters to separate by sources and get a graphical representation of data. Nothing much new here, only getting data on graphs.

You can explore and see more precise data about each one of them in the separate tabs given in the iTunes Connect Analytics which are self explanatory. However I’ll be writing more about this topic as I discover something unique and helpful about this.

Encourage me to share my more knowledge with everyone. I am writing these blogs only to ensure that difficulties which I faced may not be face by others. Hence please hit the small heart below. Also, if you have your own suggestions about this, please share your opinion with everyone.