Everything Wrong with ASO Tools

With the coming of search ads, ASO Tools like — Sensore Tower and Mobile Action have changed upside down. Keyword with traffic score or search score 4.0 or 40 have now become 0.6 or 5 respectively.

Before Search Ads Update
After Search Ads Update

So, let me guess where are you currently. You spend an entire month finding new keywords for your new app/update.

And, one morning you wake up and saw all your hard work in veins.

So you contacted the support team.

And got this in reply.

That’s OK BABY!!!

But what should I do next?

And they asked you to revise all your keywords and redo your work.

Now you are completely lost — “I can’t spend another complete month on ASO”

Hence now you are FEED UP COMPLETELY!!!

What To Do NOW?

I am not very sure about this solution because it may not work for all of you but still its the only way to rescue your life.

  1. Create a new App (Re-skin of it), same code and functionality but different graphics.

Now you have 2 apps — One who’s keywords are ready and another with no ASO plan.

2. Re-do Keyword research, try finding new keywords which will fit in current ASO tool.

I know you have to re-do everything but you have to do it to ensure your app success. After you have a list, put those keywords in the second app.

This way you have 2 apps and you followed the Waren Buffet rule —

3. Publish both of your Apps and rest depends on LUCK :)

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