The Ego Just Wants To Feel Safe

everyday is different.

unprocessed trauma makes an appearance everyday, asking (more like demanding) to be addressed and cared for. emphasis on CARE.

Before there were many obstacles at play, keeping the tide high, but now I have no choice but to swim through it.

now is when I decide to make amends with the rush I’ve put on myself to show up. now is the time for true rest, patience and tenderness.


I just finished an anxiety thread of CBT therapy w/ @enjoybloom and the last lesson was on accepting panic attacks. the biggest lesson is remembering why your body is programed to protect you.

Taking space to remember and accept why you experienced your trauma is a really humble reason to admire what your body does in the present to keep you safe. It’s literally doing its job to keep you alive, that’s all. It knows how much stress you’ve been in and doesn’t want you to feel that way again.

I talk about ego and how we often perceive it as this very selfish character, self-centered and ego – tistical when the ego is merely centered in SAFETY. Keeping you safe by any means necessary.

The more you’re able to be at peace with the way you seek safety, the more you can provide that safety within. Which means stronger relationships with the people around you.


This is not easy, but it is doable. I can attest that to finally being in an environment that isn’t a debilitating trigger.


It will, get easier.



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