Why Gen X Is So Pissed at Millennials
John McDermott

What many of these people fail to acknowledge,it the technology gap felt by the GenX’ers,and the discrimination felt because we learned our skills ”oldschool” and we aren’t given credit for it…I spent my 20’s in an old school newsroom, writing notes by hand and doing real footwork to get the story. That means nothing now to a generation who wants me to “live-tweet”and have video & social media skills, etc… There’s no respect for the actual writing. No need when you can just video an event with your phone,tag it and call it a news story. I’m sure there’s examples of this gap in many industries. I’m 47, and still trying to find my “career” while raising kids and struggling to make ends meet. I have huge student loan debt and my degree means NOTHING! So yeah, I’m pissed!

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