#ijf16 introduces ‘Behind The News’: a mockumentary miniseries

Spoiler Alert: LOL

The International Journalism Festival presents ‘Behind The News’, a 6-episode mockumentary miniseries set in an online newsroom. Written and directed by Giacomo Cannelli and Alessandro Grespan, performed by Anna Dalton and Michael Monkhouse, it highlights some aspects of the rapidly-changing world of journalism.

You can watch all the episodes here:

Ep.01 “Breaking News” 🚀

Ep.02 “Business models” 💸

Ep.03 “Sentiment” 😡

Ep.04 “Headlines” 😱

Ep.05 “Native Adv” 🤑

Ep.06 “Disruptive News” 🚂

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Perugia, Italy | 6–10 april 2016 | X edition #ijf16 | Free entry