Blair Witch Haunts Brexit With Push to Turn Lords in Last Stand

Is one of the most unpopular men in Britain trying to make himself even more unpopular?

Despite a referendum vote by the British public, and an overwhelming vote for the Notification of Withdrawal Bill in the House of Commons (498–114) to leave the EU, former Prime Minister Tony Blair is intent on subverting the democratic process. He is agitating against the Brexit vote by egging on the unelected House of Lords to amend a bill that was smoothly passed by the elected Members of Parliament. The House of Lords is a controversial body that he himself fundamentally altered. 190 Peers are set to speak on the bill and 20 Peers are expected to press to amend the Bill.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that some members have financial ties as pension recipients to the EU and should disclose before they take a position. On Monday and Tuesday next week, the Lords will enter a general debate on all aspects of the bill.

Nigel Evans MP, says that he very frequently points to the line on the back of the government’s 9 million GBP anti-Brexit pamphlet (incidentally printed by a German firm) that says, “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.” A large bloc of Remain MPs voted for the Government’s Withdrawal Bill based on respect for the democratic vote.

A display of revolt on the bill risks upsetting markets and eroding confidence in the House of Lords, whose existence has often been questioned in British Politics.

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, he ended the House of Lord’s system of hereditary peerages with the House of Lords Act of 1999 which expelled all but 92 Lords. He replaced Lords with life-long appointees. His anointed appointed were known as ‘Tonies Cronies.’ Successor Gordon Brown’s were ‘Brown-nosers.’ PM David Cameron’s chosen ones were ‘Dave’s Faves.’ The once Conservative leaning House of Lords is now dominated by Lords who are strongly pro-EU. Blair was roundly accused of using the Lords to reward those who had helped him.

In a speech on Friday hosted by pro-E.U. group Open Britain, Blair launched his campaign to stop Brexit. He called for Remainers to “rise up in defense of what we believe.” Blair said the “hard Brexit” and “Brexit at any cost,” of Prime Minister Theresa May will risk billions in industry. He said those who voted to leave did so unaware, “the people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind…Our mission is to persuade them to do so.” of The Conservative government in power Blair said, “This is a Government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit. It is a mono-purpose political entity.”

It’s all reminiscent of the approach of EU mandarins to Ireland’s “no” vote in a 2008 referendum on the Lisbon Treaty: make them keep voting until they vote correctly.

Foreign Minister Boris Johnson’s reply to Blair’s call to rise up was, to tell the British “to rise up and turn off the tv next time Blair comes on with his condescending campaign.”

Blair was a hero after 911 but plunged to unpopularity for leading Britain into the Iraq war. The more recent focus of some of that anger is the 2016 publication of the Chilcot Inquiry which concluded the UK joined in the invasion before peaceful interventions were exhausted and that Blair exaggerated the threat of Saddam’s weapons and ignored warnings of how Iraq would pan out after the aftermath of the invasion. He is accused of profiting from his post collecting speaking fees and working for foreign countries. The left also dislikes him for abandoning the principles of the Labour party to “new Labour.” He has been accused of being a war criminal and a Bush lapdog.

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