It is going to get bloody out there. American voters are struggling. People badly need jobs and income growth. Young people are circling a drain of the empty promise of higher education purchased on future speculation.

Only the well-heeled can afford to talk about ideology. This election is highly personal and this electorate is deeply divided. Nobody can agree on a path forward. There is still a sense of hope that the problems can be solved. It is perhaps misguided.

Duking it out, people are trying to persuade the other side, shame them, calling each other’s candidates horrible things, ending friendships.

This speaks so much to my own view of the 10th Amendment. Regional needs and differences can be managed by states. Political differences can be expressed within states. The push to centralized control of policy and pursestrings is a great American divider. Britons have to vote on a Brexit, Americans already have one.

A strong but limited Federal Government with powerful states and branches which balance power was a grand idea. We should try it.

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