That Night I Snuck Into the Oscars
Ryan Buckley

Awesome story! Now, I wonder if I can use a similar ruse to get admitted to Scripted. The login system on your site keeps telling me that you are not currently accepting people from “my” region.

Oh yeah? Since when is America “my” region?

Now, I’ll just patiently wait in line, at the bus, while I wait on the Scripted police to come by and I’ll tell them that I dropped my pass and I need to get in and see some friends.

Otherwise, I’ll just sit at my computer all day and wait on you to email me the magic paperwork, data and information to

In the meantime, myself and a million-or-so Twitter followers will be watching. And yes…I’ve collected a million-or-so — you can check how my credentials on Twitter. My handle thingy is @ Journey_America.

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