Idiots on Parade: Stupid Things People Say on Facebook

Before Facebook, people’s stupidity could only be seen by other people in their backyard as the prime specimen of intelligence held a PBR and said, “Hey ya’ll, watch this.”

Now, thanks to social media, a person’s lack of mental prowess is on display across all the backyards of the world.

This past weekend I was kept amused by a thread dealing with solar power. The inane myths that the uneducated hold close about this alternative power source is amusing.

One mental midget kept swearing that solar power would NEVER work because there was no way to power a house when the sun went down.

I suggested he might want to research batteries.

He denied that as a possibility, because the battery would have to be as big as the house it powered.

The collection of stupid on Facebook rivals the collection of books in the Library of Congress.

Here’s just a few for your entertainment.

As you read these, remember the memorable last words of Bubba when he said:

“Hold my beer.”

BTW, you can figure out the stupid in each. Stupidity doesn’t need captions

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist who has a hard time tolerating Republicans, “christians,” bankers and stupid people. Email him at and follow him on Twitter