Fair enough, Jerry.
Darrell Todd Maurina

Keep in mind, the American Civil War was brewing for decades before the first actual shots were fired.

The ‘anger’ in rural America is there. It’s not at the point of exploding yet. Take a look sometime at #Trumpgrets (on Twitter) and you’ll see many people from ‘Trump-country’ that are angry about Trump turning his back on them. Slowly, many pro-Trumpistas are moving into the anti-Trump ranks.

I grew up, in the South, in the sixties. The level of anger, polarization, etc wasn’t there and as widespread as the polarization in America today. Sure, there were pockets: Birmingham, Watts, etc, but it wasn’t as widespread.

A good (but not perfect) comparison: Not many nations worried in the 60s about America’s stability. Now, it’s different. Man countries are worried about America’s stability and lack of global leadership.

The only good comparison between life in the 60s and now is to consider today being the 60s on steroids, although the tribulations of today were seeds being planted in the 1960s.

What part of Italy? Alejandra’s family background is in that region as well. Background as in Grandmother and earlier.

One last question. Did you watch the NRA commercial? Up until the 1960s-1970s, the NRA was a force for good. Over the years they’ve started catering to the alt-right type crowd before being alt-right was even a thing.

I’ve never seen the backside of the moon, but I trust the experts who have. And many observers, whose opinion I trust, agree that a civil war of sorts is looming. Take a look at the NRA video and then tell me they’re not advocating a social explosion.

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