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Years ago, I was on a cross country trip, solo, to a family reunion. I was supposed to make it a friends house, but there was horrible weather, it was slow moving. Then a terrible accident happened just ahead of me, and I was stuck for quite a while. All told I was five hours behind schedule.

I was exhausted, in need of a bathroom and a shower, so I pulled into a little strip motel off of a fairly back roads state road. It was obviously small and dirty, but would work in a pinch.

There was a window to the outside where check in was. The guy there eyed me up (then a college aged girl), asked me if I was traveling alone. I went to hand him my ID and credit card, but he insisted cash only. Red flags were going off at this point, but I scrounged together just enough cash and he tossed me the key.

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The room was dirty, barely bigger than the bed. The first thing I did was go to the bathroom, then I flipped up the mattress: dirty, signs of bed bugs. A moment later, I spied a cockroach.

That was it, I was out. I decided I would use the parking space at least, and sleep in the back trunk hatch of my suv. I curled up, using a suitcase for a pillow and random clothes for a blanket and fell asleep for an hour.

I woke up aware of someone talking on a phone outside, and glanced out to see the guy from check in standing outside (it was now around 3 am). He finished up his call, then walked quietly over TO MY ROOM, unlocked the door, and walked in. The lights didn’t turn on, and a minute or two later later, he came back out, slamming the door behind him, and cursing, with ANOTHER GUY. I hadn’t seen guy two enter, so I still don’t know where he came from.

They angrily talked for a moment, then check in guy walked over to my suv. I covered up my head quickly with a shirt. After he tried the locked door, he peered in the backseat, but between my tinted windows, and blending into the general mess, he didn’t notice me in the hatch.

The two guys walked away to the far side if the lot. talking more, the one gesturing across the street where a diner was. While they were distracted, I climbed up to the front seat and started up the suv, they turning around in surprise as I pulled away.

I called my friends back home and told them, but didn’t want to worry my family, so I said nothing to them. When I got back home some three weeks later, we figured out the name of the hotel thanks to google maps and called the local police. They told me the place had closed down only days before I called.

Edit: frequent questions stuff. This was about a decade ago, took place along 250 (I believe) in Virginia. Place name was “Mountain Top” or “Mountain Side” Motel. It was a single story building, check in window in the middle. Tiny diner across the street, no other businesses nearby. My logic was that it was smarter than parking by the side of the road. Police took my info, never called me back. Never found out anything from web searches immediately afterwards. At least one friend thought I misunderstood the situation and there was a logical reason.

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