Donald Trump has his supporters and they are racist, ignorant — or both. There are no other choices.

If a person believes that Trump reflects their own beliefs, then they are racists.

If someone supports Trump, but don’t believe he reflects their own beliefs, they are ignorant.

Trump supporters like to rail on anyone that doesn’t look like them, walk like them, love the same way they do, worship the same God they do. And with each of these ingredients they display their own life at the bottom of the sewer.

If people ask about your nationality, what do you say? It seems like the answer can be pretty obvious and absolute. That’s normal, it happens to almost everyone.

To break the perceptions we all have about nationality and our pride for our own identity, Momondo gathered 67 people of different ethnicities and let them take a DNA test.

It all started with a question, “Would you dare to question who you really are?”

The participants took a DNA test and when they got the results, they were all shocked with tears to find out who they really were. This video is a great reminder for all of us because we all are a lot closer than we actually think.

Spread this message and make everyone closer to each other!

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