What Are Your Pet Peeves as An Ex-Pat?

What are your peeves as an ex-pat?

I’m not talking about the country where you are, I’m talking about the country “from whence you came.”

Particularly the friends and family you left behind. What do they think they know about the expat life that drives you bananas?

I’m an American expat living in Argentina. Even before I got here four years ago, I was always shocked by the bubble in which so many Americans live.

Since being here, I’m constantly amazed by the level of ignorance constantly displayed by Americans about life overseas.

Why not just get (insert latest request here) at WalMart?
This is Argenina. There are no WalMarts.

I don’t understand why Skype doesn’t work there. It works everywhere else.
This is Argentina. NOTHING works here like it does everywhere else.

Why do you care who wins the election? You’re not in America.
No, but I’m still an American citizen.

Why do you care who wins the election? You can’t even vote.
Yes. I can vote. I can go to the embassy or even vote using a crafty new invention called — the Internet.

You’ve got it made. You don’t have to pay taxes.
Yes. I still have to pay taxes. Uncle Sam still wants his share of what I earn in Argentina — or anywhere else. Thanks FATCA.

Are you starting to get the idea?

I won’t try to speak for the Brits, Canucks or Aussies; Americans, in general, strike me as some of the most globally ignorant and apathetic people on the planet.

What else should be expected from a population where more people can name the Kardashian sisters than can name their elected representatives?

Be sure to leave a comment about YOUR pet peeve. I’ll be compiling them and picking the best 5 or 10 for a piece I’m working on for Huffington Post.

I’ll be glad to give you credit for the peeve — and even a link back to your blog or website.

Jerry Nelson is an American freelance writer and photojournalist and is always interested in discussing future work opportunities. Email him at jandrewnelson2@gmail.com and join the million-or-so who follow him on Twitter @ Journey_America.

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