A child protesting ‘socialism’ is just doing what he heard his parents say

The Republican party has become the party of anti-socialism. They have lashed out against socialism in America in a big way.

No, not the socialism which helps support Red states in the midwest, Great Plains, and Mountain West regions of America.

No, not the socialism which bailed out the financial institutions or that funds the military.

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No, the Republican party has attacked the socialism prevalent in Europe. They are so afraid of a “socialist take-over” in America, they have called President Obama a socialist, attacked their own health care idea as socialism, and even went so far as to claim socialism is the greatest threat to America.

Why all this fear over socialism? The majority of the world has socialist leanings and institutions, including many American allies. Why are Republicans the ones condemning European-style socialism?

The short answer: Socialism works and private companies do not make huge profits.

Let’s look at these examples the Republican party has spent decades attempting to convince Americans are destructive.

Example A — Education. Education on all levels is socialized in Europe. The government pays to send students to college to build a workforce for the next generation. The investment in students is returned via taxes and employment with multinational corporations. Also, the average cost per student is lower than in the United States. The quality of education is equal to the US, according to the United Nations.

Contrast this with the United States where college is paid by the student. Money is made by companies offering college programs and degrees. Private banks and companies make money offering and servicing student loans. Students carry debt which burdens the overall economy. America spends more on education than any other country, the majority going into the pockets of industry.

Example B — Health Care. All fear socialized medicine! The system where doctors are improperly trained and service is slashed! The system where it can take months to see a doctor and where equipment is outdated! It’s a horrible system that lets patients die rather than save them!

Or so the Republican party wants Americans to believe.

In reality, socialized medicine saves money, provides quality care, and reduces liabilities. Doctors in Canada, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia are highly trained employees paid by the government. They are not required to carry malpractice insurance, which reduces their office costs. The ability to diagnose without running needless tests further reduces costs.

A patient in Canada waits less than 48 hours to see a doctor for a non-emergency. The wait time is 76 hours in France, 72 in England and 60 in Germany according to the World Health Organization. In the United States, it averages 13 days before one can see their doctor for a non-emergency.

Americans spend far more on health care than any other nation. Socialized nations spend less on health care, are living longer than Americans, and provide better quality of care. America is on par with Iran for child mortality. We rank below Cuba for quality of care. We rank behind Jamaica on longevity.

Republicans are against socialized medicine because insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies, health organizations, etc. would not make the record profits by gouging the public.

In socialized countries, the focus is on preventative medicine. In the United States, the focus is on treatment of symptoms rather than curing disease. The United States has sick care whereby the longer a patient lives with a chronic illness, the more profitable the person has become.

Socialism works and saves money over the long haul. The problems facing America are the result of Republican fear mongering combined with the absolute worst elements of capitalist greed.

Too bad you’ll never hear the GOP ever utter a truthful word about socialism’s role in America’s future.

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