Who or what is the most likely scapegoat if Trump’s economic policies don’t work?

I have heard that after a particularly crucial battle in WW II, which the Germans had lost, Hitler’s staff asked him how to break the news to the public. Hitler, very matter-of-factly, told them, “Easy…tell them we won.”

That is what Trump will do. None of his past business mistakes were really mistakes, none of his failures were really failures, and all of his bankruptcies were “genius”, so when he runs the American economy straight into the ground, or at least as soon as he’s done fleecing us all, he will simply tell everyone what a great job he has done, and, to him, he will, because he will be even richer, fatter, and more powerful. I can see all his beleaguered supporters standing around in rags with hollow eyes and sunken stomachs, wondering if they should cheer or eat him alive. He, meanwhile, will scapegoat everyone but himself for his abysmal failures.

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