A Serendipitous Reminder of a Nostalgic Romance

There you were as beautiful as I remember. 9 years had consumed the time since we last spoke and yet there you were staring at me as I graced the parking lot. How did we get to the exact same spot at the exact same time after 9 years…when the place you call home is over 200 miles away? Yet, there you were. Window rolled down and my name called. I answered. Hugs followed and a decision made to catch-up on life. Your sexy confidence and your presence in the moment warmed my soul.

Romance has not eluded you as you still speak gently and kindly like the petals of a flower. It is important for you to pull out a chair and open a car door…still. You seek to put the needs of your lady friend before your own and I’m mesmerized by the fact that chivalry though not required by me…is not dead.

You focus your complete attention on me as I give you a snippet of the past 9 years of my life. You hang on to every single word watching as I create syllable after syllable. Your eyes gaze at the curvature of my lips as I think through what all you’ve missed. “I’ve always loved your lips”, you say as I ask why the hard stare.

That day…it was surreal. Nostalgic. It was authentic, natural, genuine and sincere. It was a beautiful moment of memories, present hopes and future dreams.

I imagined what could have been as you drove away and I’m not sure when I will see you again. Not sure when I will feel romance again; when I will have that soul inhabiting love. However, I want it and I embrace the possibility of it’s sudden arrival.