Dear God…I have a Confession

I struggle in a world of constant chaos with people barking orders at me on how to find my peace.

Dear God…I have a confession, some ego thumping entrepreneurs that force feed their dreams of success (as the only pathway to success) onto those in the “sunken place” of so called dead end jobs; remind me of Bible thumping preachers shoving religion down the throats of the unknowingly sinful.

Dear God… I have a confession, in the words of Erykah Badu, “I am an artist and I am sensitive about my shit.” I want to write and share the stories of my soul and sometimes fear gets in the way.

Dear God…I have a confession, my thoughts are often random jumbled up messages that make sense in my mind, but the words don’t always come out the same on paper. Paper is better

Dear God…I have a confession, people are desperately trying to find their purpose, their passion, their reason for being… and I believe it’s often in a place they forget to search; the heart.

Dear God…I have a confession, I wish the world didn’t allow people to settle for the beliefs of others. I wish dreamers did…instead of just dream. I dream a lot.

Dear God…I have a confession, I wish life sometimes came with customized specific instructions for figuring this thing out. It would be really helpful. Start here and make a left.

Dear God…I have a confession, experience is definitely a better teacher than that random natural science class I took my freshman year of college.

Dear God…I have a confession…some of us have a clue; a lot of us are wandering around, but we’re not lost.

Dear God…I have a confession…life is one leap of faith after another and though it scares the shit out of me at times; I enjoy jumping!

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