Lies of fear and the questions of Why

What exactly are we afraid of in this ever changing world?

Are we destiny changers?

Do we control the narrative of our stories?

Do we not have the power to shape the direction of our lives?

Sure, there are obstacles and challenges and roadblocks that get in the way.

However, must we stop when they come? Must we change the goal? Can we not still get there (wherever there is), even if we take detours and have to change the pace?

What the hell are we afraid of exactly?

Why do we not dare to live? Why are we so comfortable merely existing?

Why do we not speak up more?

Why do we not fight against our self-inflicted battles of defeat?

What does fear even look like? Did we make it up? Who created it? Where did it come from?

Are you living in a made up version of reality because you are afraid of what exist on the other side? Does greatness intimidate you?

Are you pretending to have it all together because fear scares the shit out of you and it’s easier?

Is life not short? Is time not precious? Do you want to continue to sacrifice living in the hopes of exchanging it for a false sense of security?

Why do we choose the path of least resistance? Who sold us that lie?Why do we believe it?

Does social media have us comparing our dreams? Does it cause you to question your strength? You do realize it's a lie sometimes, right?

Are you tired of chasing the mediocre version of yourself?

I hope you, me, us can get to a place of real fearlessness. I hope we can pursue our lives the way we’ve allowed fear to pursue us.

I hope we learn to live and be free.

Breathe and be free to suffocate the lies of fear.

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