Life is sometimes a thief of the tried soul

Your soul is a beautiful place of tattered sheets left by several storms.

Self-discovery is an often tear stained battle in a place of unfamiliarity.

Control lost as you navigate your way through this game of “getting to know you.”

Longing for authenticity that is scarce.

World view judged by those who know nothing about you; though they would argue otherwise.

Misunderstood and labeled victim playing. Often a compromiser of your own pace to support the speed of those around you; at least you try in ways not often seen.

Victim in no way defines who you are or your efforts to be seen; heard; acknowledged with sympathy’s touch.

Mind goes at a 1000 yet no one pays attention to the details of your thoughts or the intricacies of how your opinions are shaped.

“I just don’t get you.”

Except, you don’t want to be got you just want acceptance of your works in progress; flaws

You are exhausted and have nothing else to give.

Challenged to step outside of a box that constantly evolves; thus you always feel stuck.

Desires to move forward but afraid to let go of those who must be left behind.

Fighting the urge to give in to hopelessness and despair.

This shit ain’t easy.

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