Soul mate?

Eyes succumbed to your beauty. Beauty that lies deep within a complicated soul. Searching for a quiet peace, a place to rest and be at ease.

So much more to explain. The limits of vision prohibit the ability to fully see…you

Lips create a sound of reassurance in the midst of chaos. Resonance overshadows the clutter of life. Sweet music to the ears of one listening. Lucky? Maybe. Blessed. Definitely. Beyond doubt

The doubt that often accompanies the unknown. Or is it the fear of knowing? Knowing the truth. Search ended. Fear captivates and creates other thoughts. Is this a mind game?

Mind controlling the heart. Heart scheming the mind. Touching the signs of the right direction. Feeling the moment of this movement. Let. It. Linger. Affecting your presence. Embracing all of you.

Tasting the joy that is brought. Feeding off your essence. Sipping the melodies of your sheltered terrain. Kissing the tenderness of your mind.

Smelling the dreams of an unspoken and untouched truth. Inhaling the aroma of what you’ve given. Surfing the waves of unfiltered emotion. Anticipating the rest. Seeing. Hearing. Tasting. Touching. Smelling…a place. Close to perfection. Ideal..maybe.

Do you even exist?

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