How Companies with High-Trust Cultures Deliver Stronger Results

A strong company is built by securing the trust of its employees. If this trust is lost, individual companies may weaken and employee engagement may falter. Employees no longer trickle in from regional offices on a yearly basis in successful ventures. If the company goal is to improve employee morale and build a solid customer base, practicing continual data-driven listening strategies is essential.

Employee Feedback Goes Nowhere in Isolation

Employee feedback is key. However, when a company creates an atmosphere where departments or divisions constantly compete for funding or attention, it isolates the individual employee within their own group. If a company encourages a divisive attitude, the average employee perceives that they have little power or control over their career path.

Positive Rewards Encourage Employees to Improve Customer Loyalty

When feedback is sought and shared among departments, every customer experience is also affected. Everyone wins because employees feel valued. A valued employee acts like a confident ambassador for their business and they pass that trust on with every customer engagement.

Valued Employees Improve Customer Retention

As companies practice a strategy of gathering employee feedback through multiple data sources, employees are able to sense the value their company places on their opinions. In fact, research shows that when organizations improve employee experience (EX), customer experience (CX) also improves. Therefore, customer retention depends on employee retention levels.

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