Racist, Corrupt Michael Bloomberg: The Last Thing We Need

Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed his predecessor Mike Bloomberg this week over his “racist” policy of “stop-and-frisk” — and “phony” apology for it years later.

Billionaire Bloomberg drew condemnation for his newly surfaced comments on redlining, in which banks discriminated against people of color seeking to borrow money to afford homes. Real Estate “Redlining” has been a tool for keeping blacks economically down for decades. Another tape links him to the 2008 Housing Recession. (WHO in their remotely right mind will vote for another Billionaire?? How do you think he BECAME a billionaire??)

Billionaire Bloomberg also has an obvious link to the farce that is 9/11, and since there are too many controversies surrounding the event that justified the U.S. attacking Iraq and destroying all those antiquities as BILLIONS of dollars and gold went missing in that dirty war of Imperialism that benefited murderers like Dick Cheney as the the rest of the nation experience continued economic decline. [Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth]

The world is currently ran by corrupt oligarchs. The more pathological they are, the higher they seem to rise. Nothing new, but as we run towards the tipping point of human existence, it’s insane to keep voting for rich people who appear to be guiding us into a, “Techno-Feudalism” of increasingly ignorant serfs and vassals who wave their hats at the new Lords and Ladies … the Billionaires like Jeff Bezsos, Mark Zuckerberg, and… Michael Bloomberg.



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